Q. What is SView/SView-PC?
A. SView/SView-PC is a layout viewer for LSI design and inspection. It can handle large GDS format layouts with high-speed.
SView is for UNIX, and SView-PC is for Windows.

Q. What can SView/SView-PC do, and what is the benefit of using it?
A. Click here to go to SView/SView-PC page for information about its functions and benefits.

Q. How is SView/SView-PC licensed?
We have floating license which you can manage all of the license purchased on a server.
We also have USB type license for variational use.

Q. Can I use SView/SView-PC on the computer (or laptop) that is not connected
to the server?
A. Yes. You can use your isolated computer as a server by installing Flexlm(net), the license management software. We also offer USB type license for SView-PC.

Q. Can I have primary and secondary license servers for the backup in case of
server trouble?
A. Yes. We use Flexlm(net) for license management software which can manage multiple servers.

Q. How often is SView/SView-PC updated?
A. SView/SView-PC is updated to new version 2-3 times per year. However, the small functional updates and bug fixes are made occasionally.

Q. Is there any license type that we can have unlimited use of SView/SView-PC
within our company?
A. Yes. You can choose company license (domestic) or site license for unlimited use within the company.

Q. Is there update service for SView/SView-PC?
A. Yes. You can update to the latest version if it is within a year from purchase. *We charge for each license update.

Q. I lost my license due to the server trouble. Can I reissue the license?
A. Yes. We can reissue your license if it is within a year from purchase. *We charge for the reissuing process.

Q. Are there volume discount or academic pricing for SView/SView-PC?
A. Yes. we offer volume discounts. Please contact us for information about volume discounts.
For the academic use, we haven't set a price. However, we are willing to meet your need.