High-Speed Layout Viewer
"SView / SView-PC"

Key Features

  • High-speed display of large data.
  • Overlay display of multiple data.
  • Snapshot of current screen image.
  • Logical Operator of two GDS data.
  • Trace and highlight of the equipotential nodes.
  • DRC (third party product) interface displays and highlights the failure location.
  • GDS output (output of the logical operation result, output by group of related cells)

User Benefits

  • We offer three types of license for SView and SViewPC: floating license, node-locked license, and USB type. You can use it in variety of situations in and out of the office.
  • You can easily check the layout and find out the data you need.
  • You can immediately check the suspicious point of automatically generated/converted GDS data.


Operating Environment

SView Solaris2.8 or later (64bit)
Solaris10 (AMD64)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version3 (AMD64)
SView-PC Windows Vista (32bit)
Windows 7 (32bit/64bit)