Navigation System for Failure Analysis

Key Features

  • Stage-link: Synchronizing view of CAD data and the electron microscope stage.
  • Overlay display: Overlaps CAD drawing data on SEM/SIM image.
  • Data Locator: Locates the spot from the list of saved coordinates.
  • Equipotential Node Tracer: Automatically highlights the trace of equipotential wiring.
  • More Options: Failure bitmap display, Wafer map display, and more useful functions are available.

User Benefits

  • Easy to spot out the suspected failure location of LSI, using the synchronized view of CAD data and the microscope stage.
  • Equipotential node tracing helps narrowing down the failure location in CAD data easily.
  • Overlay display enables to check the circuits of lower layers while FIB processing, which helps finding the failure spot faster.
  • Overlay display helps quickly locate the probing spot.