ASTRON offer a wide variety of software products for semiconductor industry. We have long and successful experience in offering software solutions for LSI design, testing and failure analysis.

Silicon Photonics Design

LightParts NEW

Pattern Generator for Silicon Photonics Design

Simple operation to generate patterns for designing the silicon photonic devices. Generated patterns can be loaded directly to CAD software.

LSI Failure Analysis


CAD Navigation System for Failure Analysis

Improve TAT by using CAD data effectively to spot out location on the electron microscope image.


Cell Counting System

Accurately count the repeated patterns of VIA (DRAM, SRAM, Flash, etc.) to increase your work efficiency.


SEM 3D Viewer

Strongly support failure analysis by generating 3D image of LSI, and displaying the cross-sectional image.


Offline CAD Navigation System

Enables to work on failure analysis of LSI at your own desk. Strongly support your work with useful functions, such as auto-layout of microscope images on CAD data.

LSI Design


High-Speed Layout Viewer

High-speed loading and displaying of large layout data. Specialized for checking layout data, comes in handy in a variety of processes from LSI design, manufacture, and failure analysis.


Netlist Extraction and Cross-Probing

Extract netlist from the layout, and cross-probe the circuit logic with the layout.

Data Conversion


DXF to GDS Converter

Convert DXF format data to GDS format data, and generate masks from converted data.