Netlist Extraction & Cross-probing

Neals strongly supports LSI failure analysis by extracting netlist from the layout, and by cross-probing the generated circuit logic with the layout.

User Benefits

  • Extraction of the netlist from the layout enables failure analysis of LSI with no circuit data remaining.
  • Clear view of the circuit arrangement allows you to check the connection of circuits easier than checking form the netlist.      
  • Cross-probing function makes failure analysis easier, reducing the turnaround time and the human errors.

Cross-Probe of Circuit Logic and Layout

Neals cross-probing function highlights the equivalent points of circuit logic and layout.

Cross-probing of each layer is possible, making it easier to analyze.

Neals can cross-probe from equipotential lines and VIA. It highlights the connected cell and circuit, making failure analysis easier and more efficient.

Operating Environment

OS Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version4, Version5